Hell Map

This next game you are about to play is going to take you on a journey thru the nine circles of hell. Where youw ill meet lots fo succubus and horny demons doing a lot of kinky stuff - this is a hentai game after all! The game is still in progres therefore fo rthe period youw ill be playing it there might be the circles not all offered for mining. Also if you will love the experince you can always support the authors of the game and make it closer to its final condition earlier. Furthermore, you may notice that this hell map is related to another job of the studios known as"The Legend of Lust". If you are already familiar with it then you will be glad to dive into this exciting world more. Otherwise may be after finishing this one you will want to check the original project which you can find on our website.

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Have you ever seen alluring and stupid women together? Then watch funny dialog between police officer and chick and enjoy her stupidity.

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Love Memory

Very simple to complete the task and incredibly hot to watch! Straightforward adult flash game requires recalling the images on squares. There'll be six cells using images caused by backside. You have to click on cell to reverse it and watch the image. Memorize the image and move to next cell, as you see a exact identical image as you remember click on it to eliminate both cells. That's actually all you've got to do. The reward is concealed beneath the squares and the player will get it removes all squares. After enjoying watching hot sex action, just click on next and proceed to other degree. When all cells are all available you have to see hot woman with beautiful body contours being pleasantly fucked by some animation guy in various poses. The sport is good not only to train the memory but to learn a few sex poses

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