Rope Bondage Rebirth

Famous flash game about bondage and violence. In this flash game you will fuck and rape a beautiful chick. Her name is Kasumi, known as"Kunoichi destiny" - a female ninja with experience from the design of ninjutsu Mugen Tenshin. She was supposed to be the 18th Ninja Mugen Tansing Master Clan, but ran off to join the contest that was Alive or Dead. There, she expected to overpower Raido, her uncle, that had uttered her brutha Hayate. So in this game a lot of unique fuck-a-thon scenes bondage & discipline devices and much more. The game is fully interactive and you need to click the game items to interact together. First you have to undress Kasumi. Then make your fuck-a-thon fantasy a reality. Start playing right now.

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