Lara Croft

Busty Raider

In this game you're likely to witness one of the hottest experiences of the world famous tomb raider - Lara Croft! Along with the authors could not place the term"Butsy" into the title - we all know that Lara has hooters! And this isn't some manga porn cartoon - it really has vignettes using gameplay within it! For instance the story will begin with Lara becoming down using the cable. You as a participant might have to stir your mose left and right therefore Lara could avouid each of the acute spears and other traps in her way down. On the base of teh cavern she will get an ancient artifact except to reach it you are going to have to demonstrate all your balancing abilities. In the event the round will probably be too tough for you then you are able to skip the level after you fail it but in such a situation you will not find out how Lara was able to loose all of her clothing...

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