Succubus Again

This game is for all who likes jokey stories involving mystical powers and bodies interchanges. Or for all who likes well made manga porn games with awesoem #D established artstyle. The only minus is that there's not any english version for this game so if you can decide to play it you might have to try to comprehend what's happening from the visual portion of the game just (which is fairly possible actually). The story commences at a dark night when young dude is visited by non other than succubus! With tail and tails and horns - the succubus! Ofcourse she would like to fuck with this dude (because this is exactly what succubus do with human males to comprehend what they want sort them) however he seems not into that demonic looks after all. However, what if she can turn into ordinary human girl? Lets see if this is possible...

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Katies diaries Ep. 1

Katie broke up with her boyfriend Johny. During the time she is getting bored to sleep and masturbating rather than sexual activity is bored. Allthe time she thinks about Johny however she can't forgive him cheating on her. Not to believe lonely she purchased dog and called him Chewie.

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Who wants to do a millionaire

Our fave manga porn flash game stunner is rear - greeting for blonde Charlie in her new TV escapade! This time you will see Charlie going thru another TV flash known as"Who would like to become a millionare" turning it into utter scale porno parode (that is the reason it's called"Who would like to do a millionare"). And Charlie knows how to use viewers for certain! Very first of all she's taking part in today's programm absolutely nude! And as long as all questions are all about lovemaking she will also try to show right answers so everyone can see and better comprehend! And if the answer is correct - you may play a brief anime porn minigame (according to clicking on your mouse however). How far you think Charlie will go tonight? And we are not merely meaning the amount of questions...

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