Super Teacher

What pupils usually do at the computer class when the lecturer is not around? Playing with manga porn games ofcourse! Well, they assumed to work on some science job but while the door is secured and instructor can not fly in the room through the window... Hey! Didn't you understand this class is under the tutoring of Super Teacher? Yep, the one that may fly into window when she will need to look at her students' work in advance. But the door is locked and because the job is nearly ready she will determine to help her students and have a distaction from hard work. Some really sexy and humid diversion... There won't be overly hardcore gameplay so nothing could divert you from following the story thru the colorful comics and loving well animated sex scenes!

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Sex Kitten: School Sim 2

Slutty McSlut is rear that means you are back to her perverted game sonce back again. And from the way this time she is back to school. This means that you're back to her school as well. Slutty thinks that your IQ is not high enough tofor being her stupid bf so now it is you who are going back to scholl while she seems to switch her mind. Pretty position of manga porn games. And the gameplay is pretty normal for the show too. You can learn more about the school territory, meet with various personalities, have discussions together, solve their quiz and quests evaluations and ofcourse you can always loose the game if your health will drop to zero point. So attempt to sustain this day at school and get sohentai prizes as possible.

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School Breeding Orgy

One man who was ignored all his decades has become robust and handsome man. That is how a orgy breaks out at a sex education course. He'll betogether with 7 girls in exactly the exact same - lucky bastard :)

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