Super Teacher

What pupils usually do at the computer class when the lecturer is not around? Playing with manga porn games ofcourse! Well, they assumed to work on some science job but while the door is secured and instructor can not fly in the room through the window... Hey! Didn't you understand this class is under the tutoring of Super Teacher? Yep, the one that may fly into window when she will need to look at her students' work in advance. But the door is locked and because the job is nearly ready she will determine to help her students and have a distaction from hard work. Some really sexy and humid diversion... There won't be overly hardcore gameplay so nothing could divert you from following the story thru the colorful comics and loving well animated sex scenes!

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Within this hentai pursuit game you will be playing not as some pupil as normal but as a female teacher! You are the newest teacher in Hent High School. On the very first day of your new job you discover that as soon as you put your instructor uniform on you've got a nearly uncontrollable lust. And since there are a lot of students that fantasy of fucking their busty teacher you should use your minutes and satisfy your needs with their help. However, you ought to do that just between classes and in case if you are not likely to loose your job you should pay attention to educate your students as well. Buy books, plan your courses, teach your pupils and... fuck with them any time you will get the chance! The aim is to get as much sex as you can without loosing your project!

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