visual novel

Quickie: Toshiko (Public)

"Quickie" hentai game show will introduce you to one more alluring gal which you will try to tempt - thsi time it will be Toshiko. She is a brown-haired who might seem to be a creep at first. She'll arrive from nowhere and seems like she's interested in her cat than in thsi luxurious stud before her. This is where you'll have to proove that she's incorrect because not only this dude can help her with her cat but also he can become her friend and probably even make her happier in sexual way. But what end you'll get will likely be defined by all of the choice you'll make in the procedure. "Oppai Games" presents this set of visual books using manga porn elemnets"Quickie" for everyone who enjoys visual novels however thinks that a lot of them take an excessive amount of time .

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Ikenai Hokenshitsu – Ai no Fellatio Lesson

This second game is a variaton of animated anime porn story where you will meet super-cute looking asian chick and have a lot of fuck-fest with her. There will be a lot of text signifying the story and dialogs but since it's all in japanese then you will most likely skip it all anyway. If you don't knwo the language afterward game will grow to be deeper experince for you than for the others. But no matter about skills of foreign languages you will have a lot of things to see here. Although you'll be playing it largely intuitive but there shouldn't be anythying hard. Additionally there'll be interactive scene where you will need to use your mouse control but it will be pretty visible when you will get to these parts of the game.

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Business Trip Adventure 2

In this game you will meet three ladies during your business trip. Ofcourse each one of them you can fuck! But first-ever you will need to deal with all of your responsibilities for now. To begin with you'll have to visit office - that the chief reason! If the meeting goes well and in time you will have some time to loosen at the club. Don't forget that your plane is also sheduled for today! And as you very likely already guessed all these places - office, club and plane - are the places where you will meet hot ladies. Simply choose appropriate pickup lines once you happen to have dialogs with them and very likely you'll recall this overseas trip for a lot finer than some other one signed contract to get teh firm...

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